Made to order desktop systems:

Everyone who is buying a new computer does not have the same requirements. At A G computer systems, I will engage in a full discussion with you to determine your computer requirements. An example of this would be: an 18 - 25 year old gaming enthusiast would require state of the art processing power with state of the art graphics packages. Whereas an everyday average computer user, who wants to surf the net, send / receive emails, watch videos and play music etc would require a more basic system.

An example of the price and spec of such a system would be:

  • 4GB DDR2 RAM

This system would meet every requirement you would ever need on an every day home PC. From internet, email, music, videos, home photography, home graphic design etc. This system would cost aprox £290.00


Your home computer, like all other household machines will at times run into difficulty with every day functions. Let's face it, it happens all the time and at the most inconvenient times.

Your Hoover jams when you're expecting visitors. Your washing machine doesn't spin when you have a function to attend. With these you call up the services dept and told it will be a 14 day wait.

At AG Computer systems when your computers / laptops malfunction I will give you an honest first assessment breakdown of the problem. Most problems and repairs have a 24 hour turn around at very affordable and competitive rates. If any additional work is required I will call you and explain the problem and any additional cost which may incur.

Virus Removal

Viruses are a part of everyday life in computing. Even the most protected systems can become infected. Backup of your important data and information is paramount. This can range from backing up your holiday pictures onto a memory stick to backing up your whole system onto an external hard drive.

If your system becomes infected and you require it cleaned I will discuss with you about any important data that you require to keep. This would be in the unfortunate situation where your whole hard drive had to be wiped (formatted) and your computer returned to the factory conditions. With this in mind I should also stress that not all data can be backed up from an infected computer, as the data that you require may be infected its self. This is why periodic backup should be essential.


Peripherals are a very important part of home computing. Whether it is a new mouse or a graphics upgrade. You can be assured of a very honest opinion that is geared to your computer requirements.

We all at some point need to get a new peripheral for our systems. This can be because a keyboard has had a drink spilled on it, or you just fancy a new speaker system to get the full benefits of your music and DVD collection. These factors can be discussed along with your own personal budget regarding each of your purchases.

Pick up and Collection

If for some reason you are unable to get your system to me I will arrange a convenient time for both of us, whereas I can collect it for repair or upgrade. This will have a £10.00 charge. Some repairs can be carried out in your home, but if this involves lengthy scans etc I will bring it down to the shop to complete and return it when the repair is complete. Let's be honest, you don't want me sitting about your house for 3 - 4 hours then tell you that I will have to take it away to complete!

General Advice

Everyone, regardless of their IT knowledge and understanding has at some point a question or two that they would like answered regarding computers and their everyday use (I include myself in this). If you find yourself with some questions or queries please feel free to drop in and ask. Please don't ever think "I'm not asking that, it'll make me sound daft". Everyone has a different level of understanding about everything, that involves computers. If I can answer your questions I will, in a non judgmental and honest way. If I can't answer your question, then I will thank you for coming in and look it up. That way the next person who asks your question will get an honest, updated answer.

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